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02 February 2010 @ 09:12 am
Actress Chae Rim and Super Junior member Choi Siwon has been chosen as the main male and female role for SBS "Oh My Lady".

In the afternoon on the 26th, a source stated that "both people verbally agreed to perform 'Oh My Lady'. and as for the smaller details, it is still in coordination."

"Oh My Lady" is one of the "Please catch a star for me" type of dramas. On March 15th, it will be broadcasted as a minidrama on TV. "Oh My Lady" is about an ordinary ajumma (Chae Rim) becoming a Top Star's manager, a humorous story. As for the main role, it will be played by flower boy Choi Siwon (Seongminwoo).

CR: sj-royal.com
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02 February 2010 @ 09:10 am

[100201/Heechul/Fansite] I can see.


Feels interesting to look at the old photos
Words have it that I have cut my hair.

Source: kimheenim.com
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Picture name: Short Hair

(His hair kinda remind me of Hangeng's hair)
02 February 2010 @ 09:06 am
2010.02.02 Tue(05:11)

Without having any thoughts(;) (I'm) going to live busily ...
(Let's) see who laughs..

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01 February 2010 @ 04:31 pm
No, not his guy friends…

SHINee’s Taemin revealed his feelings about friends of the opposite sex on SBS Shin Dong Yup’s 300. Both Onew and Taemin were guests on the show that aired earlier today. One of the questions asked was, “Can you kiss a friend of the opposite sex?”

Taemin answered “yes” and said, “In my opinion, that’s fine.”

Then Onew said, “I’m not sure. I would have to go out with the person. That’s kind of hard to imagine.” Shin Dong Yup joked around and asked, “If you went out with her then it’d even be possible to kiss her in elementary school?” To this Onew replied, “I guess so?”

Taemin’s answer was correct and he added, “Kids these days are like that.” Onew said in response, “Kids are scary.”

I guess Taemin likes to have some friends with benefits.

01 February 2010 @ 04:28 pm
Credit: Korea Today - Shakizi - Translated by Ilumtics

Idol group SHINee member Minho (born Choi Minho, 19), has passed the regular admission to Konkuk University 2010 school year.

Minho is going to attend graduation in his High School this February before entering Konkuk University after passing the entrance exam last year. He is admitted to Faculty of Arts, major in film.

The five-member group SHINee in 2008 with debut mini album "Noona You are so pretty" received a lot of love and swept most of rookie awards, and in 2009, they continued the success with their mini album "2009, Year Of Us" and hit song Ring Ding Dong.

Minho has been also active as a model for Andre Kim and Ha sang Baek fashion shows, and at the same time, a fixed member of KBS2TV "Dream Team Season 2", which has drawn a lot of attention recently.

Konkuk University, film major, has been the institution for a lot of recognized public names, such as Chung Da Hae, Byul, Kim Jung Eun, Lee Min Ki, Lee Min Ho.
Super Junior Kyuhyun had revealed his humiliating incident when he's just debuted on the show KBS2TV Star Golden bell.

On the show Star golden bell which was aired on January 30th, all the guests had talked about the topic "I had acted in a celebrity way although they didnt recognize me".

Kyuhyun said "I had visited my neighborhood after being active with Super Junior for only 3 months. I had worried that what would I do if people recognized me and as I expected there were 2 female students who followed me. I thought they would tell me but what they told me is " of which the other guests couldnt stop laughing.

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News about what Shindong said on simsimtapa about girls losing their weight, + translation of Shindong's tweets

On January 29th simsim tapa, there was a female radio listener called to the show and shared the story about her decision of being on a diet started from new year. She told her boyfriend about that decision and her bf said to her "Dont start if you will quit after only few days. Your body cant change just because of diet".

Kim Shinyoung said "Saying something about a girl's weight is like asking for a punch" and one of the guest said "I will say you dont need to lose weight. She needs the love/affection so I will take the method of exercising with her"

Shindong said "I will say let's lose weight if they need to lose weight. Lose some weights, you cant take care of yourself. And if that person tells me (How about you...), I will say (I'm a boy but you're a girl)" in which both Kim Shinyoung & announcer Koo Eunyoung said "Why it has anything to do with girl or boy ? girls should be slim and boys are...", then Shindong said "I only said because honestly, I just want the person whom I love to be prettier and more beautiful".

But after the radio was aired, what Shindong said became a topic on a community site, together with what Yesung and Leeteuk had said before about chubby girls on MBC "Quiz to change the world". On that show, Leeteuk said "I really dont like fat girls because they seems not to know how to take care of themselves" and Yesung said "Very fat people are lazy".

Netizens said "I cant understand his statement that boys can be chubby but girls can not", "How can he say that while he received a lot of love because his chubby charming"

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01 February 2010 @ 04:11 pm

Broadcasted on 100130

credit to iMBC Simsimtapa's Official Site | shared by superlover♫ @sj-world.net
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SHINee Key confessed, "Sulli ordered me around as a trainee."

Girl group f(x) will star in SBS's "Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate" on the 30th.

After introducing each of the f(x) members Victoria, Krystal, Luna, Amber, and Sulli, SHINee's Onew, Key, and Taemin made a special appearance.

SHINee's Key made the audience laugh with a story about his past with Sulli. "When I first entered SM as a trainee Sulli was my sunbae, and she ordered me to go and bring her a key."

Also, Sulli revealed her past diary entries this episode.

f(x) and SHINee's joint stage pleased the audience. The show will broadcast on the 31st at 12:10.

source: nate | translations by [info]filmsession @ [info]omona_prection